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Applejack pony that I started over the summer, following the paper pony tutorial by tsrme. Also learned some Ps tricks from kass-a-doodle!
Portrait of my goofy friend!
Really REALLY looking forward to this movie.
I really enjoy the end of 2009 Star Trek where Spock mistakes old Spock for his daddy and Spock Prime convinces baby Spock to remain in Starfleet. It’s a very touching moment with beautiful music but at the line “And yet you can be in two places at once” after Spock considers resigning from Starfleet makes me think about his true motives.

Inspired by Kirk’s hot pants. No one is immune to Kirk’s booty. Not even me. Not even Spock.

Sketches of Astra my centaur lady character.
Lame doodles of the boys being affectionate. If you listen closely you can hear my heart exploding in the background.
I love horses so much. Here’s a doodle of my dream horse!
Starshine the Pegasus
Pretty pony doodle